St. Pauls (corrected)
We are very happy to announce that St. Paul's will reopen for in-person worship with service 9.30 am, offered each Sunday beginning September 12, 2021.

St. Paul's is a warm, lively Christian community called by our

Lord Jesus Christ to love one another, to welcome into our midst all people,

and to proclaim the Gospel by serving the needs of the world we live in.

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Upcoming Church Services:

Regular church services on Sundays at 9.30 a.m.

Christmas Eve, Friday December 24 - 2.00 p.m.
Sunday December 26 - No Church Service
Sunday January 2, our first service in 2022 - 9.30 a.m.

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Advent Message from Fr. Audrius Sarka

Dear friends,

In Psalm 78, there is a lovely image of how God’s people returning home from Exile through the wilderness are experiencing God. It’s like going on a dry and dusty journey and suddenly, you encounter a stream of water, gushing from the rock, cold and clear, refreshing and energising after a time in the dust and in the heat of a desert crossing. That image of God being able to refresh us, is the image which inspires us for our life as a church in this coming year. When people come to our church are they refreshed? Do they find a place of cool and of refreshment? Do they find the opportunity to be put in touch with God?


There are three themes in New Testament, in teaching of Jesus and in the life of the early church: 

To grow faith
To bring hope
To demonstrate love 


We come to church to encounter God and so, as we focus our life on 2022, we can ask the questions: How much do people feel they’re having a real encounter with God? Are they being blessed? Is their faith being deepened when they come to our worship? We exist to grow faith.

But I also believe that the Christian community ought to a place of hope. We ought to be optimistic about the future. After all, we believe in God, who holds the future, who is in control of our destinies and who offers the gift of eternal life; an eternal life which starts now. So, are we as Christians, are we people who are optimistic, who touch the lives of those around us, bringing the promise of hope and joy and love and peace with us? Do we grow faith? And do we bring hope? 

And finally, our faith should never be about words. Our faith should be about action and in Jesus we see the person who concentrates not on the religious, not on the wealthy, not on the proud but on the poor, on those who mourn, on those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. On the children, on the widows, on those on the edge of society, on the poorest and the outcast. Are we a church that demonstrates love? Are people helped by the work we do? Are people enabled to become more themselves because we love them?

So, these are the focuses for our future. We are called, you and I, to be people who grow faith, who bring hope and who demonstrate love. 

May God be with you this Advent and Christmas Season. 


Fr. Audrius Sarka

Christmas Eve 

Join Us For

Worship Service

December 24 (Friday) at 2.00 pm, 2021

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Join us as we celebrate God's goodness through

worship, praise and fellowship!

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Coming Home to the Heart of Christmas 
Father Mark Curtis

Here is a Zoom link for the December 19th concert:
The December 19th, Musical Sermon will be live streamed @ 7:00pm on Zoom -

Lessons & Carols: From Coast to Coast to Coast 

The light shines on in the darkness.
—John 1:5

After a successful online national service of Lessons & Carols in 2020, General Synod is working again with Anglican churches across Canada to offer another national service of Lessons and Carols for this Advent season, to help us prepare for the coming of the Kingdom of God.

To register, visit The Anglican Church of Canada website
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All are welcome! We encourage you to attend one of our Sunday service and experience the uplifting joy of Christ in your midst.


Find out about upcoming special services, events at St. Paul's and in the Diocese of Niagara

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IOP is managed through volunteers from the Halton Hills Anglican Church and community. 

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St. Paul's congregation members are actively involved in community life in Norval. Here you will find all actual information about this beautiful God's place and about all cultural activities in the midst of Norval community.